Uncover Our Hidden Mind

We know we can create a better life with better choices.

We also know that with our limited vision we cannot see all the opportunities available to us that will bring us that life. We want to broaden our Reality to include more of Actuality so that we can take command of our choices rather than passively wait for things to change as we keep repeating the same limited choices of the past.

We must take action to open our vision. The action is inward, within our mind.

The more intimately we know our mind, the better equipped we will be to take charge of it. Whatever our age, our mind already has a solid structure of thought patterns and beliefs in place. They are as deep and far-reaching as the rivers that wind and loop through thousands of miles of the earth’s landscape.

To begin this understanding we need to know that our mind operates on three levels processing information.

Our conscious mind is what we are aware of at this moment; such as the words on this page. Our subconscious mind is that which we are not aware of at this moment but would be fairly easy to recall once attention is focused; such as what day it is, what kind of car we drive or our best friend’s name.

These conscious and subconscious levels of our mind are only the tip of a huge iceberg. Below them is our powerful, unconscious, hidden mind that is the storehouse of all our experiences including the resulting thought patterns, beliefs and emotions buried out of awareness.

All of this unconscious information has incredible power over us and is the main driver of how we perceive the world and what we believe about our place in it.

This is the blinder that keeps us limited.

At first glance this might sound like a conspiracy to keep us in darkness which some spiritual philosophies suggest. However, perhaps the unconscious mind is hidden for a reason;  to keep us sane until we are ready and have reason to investigate what is there.

Just as when we were newborns overwhelmed with the overflow of information, it is the same for us today. Remember, we can only process 2000 bits of information out of 400 billion bits coming at us in any one moment. Not everything can be kept at the conscious and subconscious levels without short circuiting our nervous system and possibly driving us insane.

So chances are, buried deep amongst all this information in our unconscious, are many negative belief systems copied from our imperfect parents influenced by an imperfect world.

If we want to see more possibilities, have more choices at our doorstep and move beyond the repeated patterns of those that came before us, then we must develop courage to pry open our unconscious mind and see what is inside.

We must call up the courage to face these misguided thought patterns, beliefs and emotions and remove what no longer serves us.  We must do this first before we attempt any type of positive thinking. The beliefs of the unconscious mind are incredibly powerful and will cancel any positive thought that contradicts any negative thought hidden within it.

Does this sound like a daunting and intimidating task? What is our alternative? Resignation to a life endlessly running in circles with the same dissatisfaction and complaints instead of advancing towards the life we want?

Now that we know the process of our unconscious mind, are we willingly to let it continue this way with more of the same limiting vision or are we ready to take responsibility for a different dynamic within us?


Then how do we begin to see what is hidden in the kindest, gentlest way possible?

We notice what irritates us. What bothers us is our greatest ally because it points towards what is hidden within us. This may go against our comfortable pattern which is to look away from our pain and find something to make us happy.

Have you noticed that the happiness never lasts for that long and we are back again looking for something else and then something else and then something else….?

Can we see the futility in that? Eventually the pain catches up to us and when we have used every unhealthy and even healthy activity with which to distract ourselves from looking at the truth, we will finally agree to face our pain.

And that is when we begin to see more choices.

…A story about this in the next blog.

With much care and conviction,