The World is Perfect?


The world is perfect because it is a perfect place to evolve our individual consciousness. Each moment we must make choices giving us never-ending chances to grow spiritually towards unconditional love, which is our ultimate purpose on this planet. Unconditional love is the essence of God/Universe from which we came and is what we are at our core, if only we had the clear vision to see that truth.

The world is perfect because we have the opportunity to get clear to the unconditional love that is us, to know the power and serenity of that and to finally bow down in gratefulness that for at least one moment, we did not continue on in our self-indulgent pity party that believes life is purposeless and without meaning or that God/Universe is judgemental, vengeful and watching our every step, waiting to catch us at our worst.

Perhaps we have experienced a moment of unconditional love through no cause of our own. Someone said hello just when we needed a friend or the beauty of nature randomly jolts us from our normal materialistic life. In an instant, all becomes radiant! We feel light, free and renewed.

When the world is viewed from a low-energy, non spiritual, narrow consciousness viewpoint, we see through a lens of threat, hopelessness and competition…with a few ice cream cones or pleasant experiences thrown in to temporarily keep our morale high!

Alternatively, there is a higher energy view with a more expanded knowledge of consciousness that understands God/Universe is everywhere and is everything at its essence. This is a view where God/Universe is life affirming, evolving, ever-present creation and cannot destroy itself permanently because it is all that exists, just with different forms.

This view is the beginning of realization that we are one point within this whole system of God/Universe and each moment here on this planet is our opportunity to find our core of unconditional love.

We do this through a forgiving, loving and peaceful state of mind.

When we feel wronged and angry, we forgive the other person in our mind knowing they are innocent to the truth that is behind all of creation. How can someone without knowledge act intelligently?

When we feel guilty, we  forgive ourselves knowing at that moment of the error we were innocent to the truth as well. How could we have acted intelligently if we did not know or were blinded by desire or revenge?

When we are confused, we fall back to the most loving action or words for ourselves and others, every time. Lovingness breeds the habit of forgiveness.

When we are anxious and the false programming of the world has taken hold of our left brain/mind, we focus on peace through our right brain or our heart, however we connect to that: art, animals, music, writing, nature, helping others, etc.

Never do we resist the anger, guilt, confusion or anxiousness. We welcome it as our opportunity and pivot point to expand our consciousness. We apply the life affirming beliefs and actions of love, forgiveness and peace, all the while we recognize the false illusion that is creating the painful experience.

The higher energy always dissolves the lower energy and soon we are feeling free again. It works every time if you are committed to sticking with it in each instance until it is evaporated.

Our world is perfect because it has grand purpose and meaning. To peel away the falsity and come back into our own true identity as the vessel for the  presence of God/Universe.

Let us be responsible people and with each choice, choose to evolve towards unconditional love by dropping the pretense that we are limited beings in a limited body and instead recognize God/Universe created all people and the world with the same unconditional love.

It is up to us to make contact with our royal inheritance, the presence of God/Universe within or to go on blindly hoping to score an ice cream cone once in a while.

May we live well with intelligence, truth and trust in who we are.