Here. Now.

Today is an outstanding day.

No matter how you got here or why you are here, the fact is you are HERE NOW.

What will you do with this moment?

Will you remind yourself of the past, what you lost or what is due you? Or will you look to the future and fantasize about how great it will be when you get XYZ?

What if you just stayed HERE NOW? What if you just noticed your body right now. Feel your feet on the floor. The sensation of the air on your eyeballs. Hear the ambient sounds in the room. What if you noticed your thoughts right now? Are they floating in and out of your consciousness or are they stuck in your head like a video loop. What are you feeling now? Boredom, excitement, sadness?

So much is going on right now that you never notice, until you are asked to notice.

How can any of us live a REAL life if we don’t even know what is going on this moment? How can we make any kind of rational decisions about ourselves, about others, the world or anything else…if we don’t even know what is going on in our own space?

Today is an outstanding day to notice a little bit more about ourselves.

Let’s make a decision to live HERE NOW.

With love,

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Pain is a wrong perspective.

When you experience pain, it is proof of self-deception and lies because pain disappears the moment it is seen in the correct perspective.

Pain is the false belief that God is cruel, hates you and sees you as a sinful being that deserves the ultimate revenge, death. Pain is the mistake of believing that you are abandoned by God. Pain is the fear of being alone because God is mad at you and wants to punish you.

If pain is real, then it means there is no God because vengeance, punishment and retaliation are not part of the LOVE that is God.

It is time to stop such insane beliefs.

Only your thoughts about yourself, other people, situations or the world cause you pain. Nothing external can cause you pain, only your interpretation, your way of seeing the external world causes you to suffer.

So it is you that has the power to interpret everything either as pain or joy.

What is joy? Joy is the recognition of this one truth, that everything is innocent love at its core. Everything else that appears to be painful is a false idea you have created in your head. Therefore you have ultimate power to dissolve the idea and once again see the innocent love all around you.

Think about this for a while. The world around you does nothing except represent the thoughts and ideas in your head. How you see the world around you will immediately change as you change your thoughts and choose the joy of God, the innocent love of everyone and everything as what you really want.

Choosing the joy of God means you stop condemning and judging everything including yourself and allow things to be still for a moment with no resistance to the pain that appears to be.  Soon everything including yourself will show you its truth, that all is joyful, innocent love.

And you will smile at your silly notions of pain that you believed just moments before.

Lay down your arms and come without defense to God, to the joy that waits for you behind every illusion of pain. This is forgiveness. Forgiving yourself for believing pain was the truth.

Drop all thoughts of danger and fear. Drop all judgment. Drop all blame and attack. Drop all these things that keep you from joy. This is forgiveness. Giving up what is false.

Then you will understand there is no pain and the joy of God will belong to you.

Pain is an illusion. Joy is reality.

Pain is sleeping. Joy is awakening.

Pain is lies. Joy is truth.

There is only one choice we ever have to make in life.

Between illusion or reality, pain or joy, fear or love, peace or conflict, hell or heaven.

You have already chosen one side many times over and what has it offered you?

Why not choose differently today and experience a new way of living?

with love,


Happy Easter

Today is the day to remember that we are more than bodies. We are God’s energy emanating through physical form. Today is the day to remember there is no need for struggle in this world because the source of all we need is already within and flowing through us.

God is not outside of us but is the very light we are created with. We were never separate from God nor did we ever have to earn his favor.

It is hard to accept that we secretly enjoy the struggles of life as it gives us a purpose when we don’t understand why we are here. We can choose to surrender the struggle and face the fear of a life without mental hardship that we unknowingly created. It will take faith and trust to believe that a new purpose will arise for us. A purpose that is joyful. peaceful and complete.

The purpose is to be fully present to all of life. Fully present means without any resistance in the form of judgement; good or bad, right or wrong.

Be fully present with what is at this moment and allow the mysterious beauty of that to unfold before your very eyes.

Happy Easter.


We Experience The Life We Choose

You define your Life by your choices.

Every choice shapes the experience of every moment.

It is a choice for how you see the world.

It is a choice for how you operate in the world.

It is a choice for the intention behind your words and actions.

The choice is always the same; between two different perspectives, expressed many ways.

The choice for attack or peace.

The choice for fear or love.

The choice for sadness or celebration.

The choice for grievance or appreciation.

The choice for victimhood or responsibility.

The choice for despair or hope.

The choice for resistance or acceptance.

The choice for hate or understanding.

The choice for guilt or forgiveness.

The choice for doom or opportunity.

The choice for separation or joining.

The choice for competition or sharing.

The choice for Ego or God.

The choice to believe in a God of judgment or a God of Love.

The choice to believe you have “no other choice” or that you “always have another choice”.

What choices have you made that shape your world view?

Right now, you can choose again.

You can make another choice and change your whole experience.

Please choose wisely.


Want True Power?

All power comes from God. Anything not of God, has no power at all.

The ego believes the opposite and tries to constantly convince us that it has all the power.

Quite frankly, the ego is an imposter, an emperor without clothes, trying to pass itself off as The Real Thing or a well suited king.

The ego’s highest priority is to preserve its control and power by persuading us to believe we are separate beings with separate needs and wants. Further, it nags us to be constantly vigilant against others who may prevent us from satisfying these very same needs and wants. Separation from each other and God (which represents Love and Oneness) is a key objective for the ego.

There can be NO oneness where the ego is concerned because oneness means the end of separation, the end of its existence or its “death”; a complete dissolve into nothingness as the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy doused her with water.

To the ego, there is nothing that lies beyond.

In order to build a case for separateness to keep its image of itself alive, the ego analyzes everything to attack it and break it down into meaningless parts. Then it chooses bits and pieces from the deconstructed whole, puts it back together the way it wants to, forming its own version of the truth to fit its view of separation and outside threat…and we unknowingly believe our resulting perception is the “Truth” that we base our power or lack of power on.

A radically different view of where true power lies is this: God is the Truth and Truth is the sum of all parts with no bits or pieces left out. Another way we can look at the Truth is acceptance, meaning we accept everything is as it is (perhaps not condone everything) with no denial. We open our eyes to see the wholeness or the sum of all the parts with nothing excluded.

Acceptance, the view of wholeness as the whole Truth is the first step towards waking up to the presence of God within us. Nothing is denied. Nothing is hidden. What emerges then from total acceptance of everything, is the presence of God within us as our true identity, our higher self. This experience of our higher self within, which may have been overshadowed by the ego for so long, hardly feels comfortable to acknowledge at first.

However, soon our higher self is easy to follow with no strain at all for it is our natural state of awareness. It is only the distortions of the ego which make following our higher self seem like a fearful path.  Here is where a little bit of faith, trust and willingness to believe in our higher self works wonders. Initially, this is all it takes to loosen the ego’s power hungry grip upon our minds with its familiar fear based thinking.

The true God does not demand anything of us other than to acknowledge that our higher self exists and is our true identity. Once we become acquainted with our higher self, our path will feel safer and become more clear as God’s Will for us, the only true will there is in the universe. At this point, the ego has been revealed to be our impostor identity with absolutely no power at all. We might actually laugh at how fiercely we once believed in its “power” to guide and protect us.

This is the direction all of humanity is headed. Whether the realization happens now or in a million years depends on our effort. Any delay on our part is asking for more frustration in our lives today, with endless worldly pursuits that never lead to any lasting satisfaction, true joy or inner peace.

When we choose to embrace our higher self as our only true self, the person we really are ans we intended to be; we will know ourselves as manifestations of God in the here and now.

Finally we will understand and begin to experience:

All power comes from God. Anything not of God, has no power at all.


Forgive To Be Free

Think of the anger you feel against someone who lied to you.

Think of the sadness you feel about something lost to someone else.

Think of the disrespect you feel as a result of others’ words.

Think of the disappointment you feel because others have let you down.

Think of the threat you feel because of others’ actions.

False forgiveness has taught us that we are to look at ourselves as the better people and as a sign of our higher place, we are to forgive others who we believe have wronged us. False forgiveness has taught us that this is what good, righteous or spiritually advanced people do.

In truth, all false forgiveness does is judge the other person to be at fault for what we are feeling. That is not true forgiveness and there is nothing truly loving about this.

True forgiveness is to see that there is nothing to forgive in the other person. There is only one person to forgive, and that is ourselves.

What do we forgive ourselves for? For seeing any events, any actions, any words of others or ourselves as “problematic “in the first place. The reality is that things just are they way they are in every moment. There is nothing inherently good or bad about how anything is, until we put a judgment on it.

We may prefer that things be different, and so we ask to see things differently which takes us out of judgment and into neutrality. When we look at things in a neutral way, with nothing being inherently good or bad, we can look objectively and be guided by our Higher Self to say or do exactly what is the best thing to do or say that will bring us closer to the experience we prefer.

This might mean that the “how” for the outcome we want may be different from what we envisioned, but the end result will be exactly what we asked for. For example, we may want someone to be less irritating to us and with forgiveness of ourselves for seeing them as irritating; they may change how they act towards us and be more loving or may leave our lives. Either way, no irritation!

To falsely forgive others is to judge them first as wrong, then blame them for what we feel and then to give them a pardon for their wrongdoing. That is like holding a burning hot coal and blaming another for the pain in our hand and then pardoning them for our burn!

Look inside yourself today and see what hot coals you are holding on to that burden your mind. Truly forgive yourself for holding on to this perception of someone else’s or your own wrongdoing. You are the only one you need to forgive for the judgments you make about yourself or others.

Once you get in the habit of forgiving yourself for all judgment, blame and the hidden shame that lies underneath for perpetrating the whole drama, you will feel free.

True forgiveness lightens the load. It is the true source of freedom. When you feel light, you have the ability and the confidence to take risks, to challenge your fears, to go beyond what is known and comfortable and happily investigate what is new and different.

If your life feels like a burden that holds you back……by being stuck in anger, lost in sadness, wallowing in disrespect, weighed down with disappointment or paralyzed with fear….

Begin with true forgiveness and let go of the personal attack that never really happened as YOU PERCEIVED it or as YOU IMAGINED it to be.

Choose to drop the hot coals you cling to so tightly by forgiving yourself for holding on to them in the first place and finally live as free as you were meant to live.

With trust in the truth,


Laugh Loud

One of the first deep meditations I ever had resulted in laughter. Not just a chuckle but rather a full-out, belly busting laugh that continued for more than a few minutes. Why was I laughing? It was not so much that I laughed but rather laughing overtook me.

Let me explain.

I was in a room full of people guided into a meditation that used rhythmic breathing to bypass the conscious mind and go behind the defenses used to stop us from seeing the truth, otherwise known as denial.

We were all on the floor, lying on our backs, eyes closed, each in our own space both physically and mentally. After some time passed, my breathing began to bring me face to face with my mental pain and suffering. In a sudden and stark reality check, I clearly saw that my choice of how to perceive things was ultimately responsible for the pain and suffering I felt. It was clear that this was true for all people and all situations in my life.

Immediately to the left of me, in my mind’s eye, I saw the image of a man with long dark hair. He was thin and sat cross-legged wearing crispy clean white pants and shirt. He was handsome, under 30, clear complexion, deep beautiful eyes and was laughing heartily. He slapped his knee with wild abandon and laughed even harder with such intensity that I started laughing too, right out loud.

In that moment between this young man and I, without any words exchanged, I saw how silly all my pain and suffering were. They were my own creations, created out of ignorance because I did not know that I had created them and therefore had the power to change them at any moment. These very same creations of pain and suffering could be transformed into nothingness or even into joy by merely deciding I was going to choose a new way to look at the very same people and situations.

In a flash, all this was so easily understood. It was so simple and clear that I laughed harder, louder and more uncontrollably.

Meanwhile I was aware that in the room, I was the only one laughing. All the other people were breathing and meditating, some without reaction, many crying or screaming out in pain. I had a fleeting thought that wondered if I was I the crazy one for laughing or were they for weeping?

Once the laughter began to subside within me, the young man’s laughter also quieted. Then in my mind’s eye directly in front of me emerged the image of the earth suspended in mid-air. I was overwhelmed with the enormity of it. Then with a power from which I do not know where or how it came about, my once resting arms by my sides began to grow. It literally felt like they were extending longer and longer from my wrists, a few feet at first, then yards, then miles and soon they were so long they could extend around the entire earth in front of me, which is exactly what they did.

I was in awe of what was happening as it happened and did not want it to stop. It felt so good to have my arms extend at such speed. I felt enormous and powerful in spirit.  When my hands were finally able to grasp each other on the opposite side of the earth, I felt such a rush of joy and happiness. Not the joy of laughter which felt more like a release. This was the joy of wholeness, of completeness, of absolutely no lack, no desire nor need of anything. Complete satisfaction, complete contentment. Complete Love.

And the young man just sat there and witnessed it all. Peace on his face. Peace emanating from his being.

I never really believed in the Jesus of the Bible as he had been shown to me before this. The story of that man never made much sense. But the image of this young man in my meditation made a lot of sense, without his uttering one word.

It has been quite a while since my encounter with him and I had  forgotten his lesson of laughter, falling back asleep looking for answers to my pain and suffering in many of the same old places. But today I remembered him clearly and realized that it was the laughter, his and mine, that was the gateway to experience truth.  The truth that love is always present, ready to flow through me and it is only my self-created dramas, that I believe are real, which block it.

Do not forget to laugh at yourself and at others. For in the laughter is the forgiveness of all people’s ignorance of their own power to choose what perception of life they have. Be courageous enough to laugh at even the most serious perceptions, so you may uncover the blockage to love you create with the drama of not having things the way you want them to be.

The laughter helps let go of the tight grip to have things a certain way and opens the door to receive the experience of a better way. A way you could not know was possible because you were so preoccupied with tunnel vision for how your life or the world should be.

Today is a good day to laugh. Laugh hard. Laugh long. Laugh loud.