Why Connecticut?

What happened in Connecticut could only happen because the young man who did this mistakenly thought there was no other way to relieve his pain other than ending the lives of others as well as himself.

The real tragedy is that he didn’t realize the real source of his pain was that he didn’t know he was connected to something more powerful and more loving than himself or what he could ever connect with in this world.

If he KNEW the source of love that his spirit came from, he would never have resorted to this. I believe even with mental illness, if that was his case, his spirit could have been reached and acknowledged.

Today, I will look at each person and acknowledge the spirit that is behind the name they call themselves and see their powerful source of love from which they come from.

With that acknowledgement, perhaps they will look inward and see the spirit that I see, alleviating some of their pain and possibly averting a potential tragedy.


Believe the Unbelievable

I believe the unbelievable.

I believe there is no error in anyone or anything. Forgiveness is the correction of my mis-perception that sees error in others, not the forgiveness of anyone’s wrongdoing.

I believe the unbelievable perfect oneness of everything. There is only one reality and that is of Love, of God.

If we all believed this, the reason for the world we experience now would seek to exist, a truth our egos strongly resist because without the kind of world we know now, there can be no ego.

The ego does not reside with God. It is a creation of a mind that sees error and uses the ego to attack and condemn others and itself of these errors, over and over again, imprisoning the same mind that created it with guilt, blame and shame.

What is the practical nature of this knowledge?

To free your mind of erroneous thought; to free yourself of false blame, shame or guilt.

There is only one true thought and that is of Oneness, Love, God. We are all connected, all actions are connected, all events are connected and all thoughts are connected.  Look at the world this way and you are free. Your perception will be clear and answers will come because you have dissolved all the walls between what you thought was you and what you thought were others.

Any thought that proclaims separation or individuality is the set up for the error of limits, scarcity and survival, all forms of fear that keep us bound and blind.

Choose to have a free mind where there is potential in every person and every moment because you have the clear perception to see that Oneness, Love, God, is the source of everything you see, no matter how unlikely that may appear to be.

Have courage to believe in the unbelievable and you will be shown the unbelievable. That fear in all its forms is a falsehood that perpetuates the very dark fate it proclaims to warn you of. Only Love and the Perfect Oneness of God are true.

Ask to see this when you become aware that you have failed to remember it, and you will see it. And it that seeing, all solutions to all problems appear and the direction out of confusion is revealed.

I believe the unbelievable.


Root of our Frustrations

Every problem we experience is a frustration.

We are angry or sad about something, someone or even ourselves because it is  not the way we want it to be. Because we are not experiencing what we want, we are frustrated.

The questions we can ask ourselves are; Why do we want things, people or ourselves to be a certain way in the first place? Why, at certain times and instances, is it so important  that the world , people or ourselves demonstrate what we want or believe to be the best, not only for us, but for others or sometimes even for the whole world?

Really, why is getting the experience we want so important to us?

Because our lives depend on it. Literally.

At least we think our lives depend on it.

First , let us clarify that our “life” is who we think we are. However, there is a difference between who we think we are and who we really are.

We believe we are what is called the ego. The ego is not a bad thing; it is merely the perception of ourselves as individuals with certain attributes, identifications, belief systems and preferences.

For example our ego would say; I am a female with a name and an age. I do a certain task for a living, I have a certain kind of family and I believe in a certain way of living. I have a certain definition of what is right and wrong.

This would be an ego or an identity of who we think we are in the world.

Who we really are is beyond this. Who we really are is the energy that animates our bodies in this physical world. Many people understand this as spirit, however, what might seem more radical is this:

The energy that animates us does not have an identity or an ego. It is pure, creative, love energy that is unidentified and shared by every living thing. In order words, it is not a “you” or a “me” or a “him or a “her”. It is non-specific, non-identifiable nothing or another way to look at it is that it is everything. It is all possibility, completely unlimited, shared energy by everyone.

Looking at who we really are in this way, poses a HUGE threat to our ego and identity. Think about this; if we are not who we think we are as individuals, but really are at our core, one loving energy that is having millions of what is perceived to be individual experiences, then the ego is really nothing. It is purely a made up concept.

Being nothing or having a shared identity with everyone, is death to the ego’s thought process of who it thinks it is. After all, the ego is a GIANT mix of separate beliefs, preferences and identities that it has formed over time and experience. The ego has a HUGE investment in itself.  Being told it is nothing, or anything or everything is a complete blow to its structure of a separate, unique self.

This is the root of all our frustrations and is why it is so important for us, or really for our egos, to have things, people and ourselves act and be the way we want.

When our egos define how and what we want our world to be like, what it is really doing is drawing the line in the sand between  ourselves and everything else. It is creating individuality and complete separateness. It does this for one express purpose, to keep the illusion of our ego identity alive and well.

For our egos to admit that we are really “nothing” or “everything”, depending on how we want to look at it, and part of a larger loving entity rather than an individual self, is psychological suicide in the mind of the ego. Our ego will forcefully resist this idea because its life and existence truly do depend on it.

We can continue to play this ego game of mistaken identity and have some wins and some losses in the eyes of our ego over the course of our lifetimes, or we can wake up from this vicious cycle that keeps us imprisoned as something smaller and separate rather than realize the shared magnificence of who we truly really are.

Once we choose to wake up and see this, nothing will frustrate us anymore because we will not demand that anything or anyone including ourselves be a certain way. We will understand from our Higher Self:

1. That our True Identity is everything or nothing, which includes all possibilities and is limitless.

2. That what goes on here in this physical universe is a silly game to keep alive a false ego idea of who we are.

Today, let us choose to live our Higher Self. Let us choose to let go of identifying with the ego and allowing it to run our lives and color our perceptions of ourselves and the world.

Today, let us choose to be who we really are and laugh upon the silliness in this world.

Today, when we feel frustrated because life is not the way we want it to be, let us not invest any more energy in believing we are an ego which needs to have its demands met in order to convince ourselves that we exist as separate beings as a means to win and survive beyond the immediate drama.

Instead, let us choose today to be safe to let go and let the world play its silly game while we rest in our Higher Self, our True Identity, which sees the truth and just smiles, content to know that we have excused ourselves from the game and are happily resting on the sideline.

With love,


The Most Hidden Belief Of All

What is it that our mind does not want us to know?

As we have discovered, the first part of this investigation into our conflict situation is actually an awakening to how our mind processes information by questioning it.

Looking at our mind brings up resistance because our mind wants to keep its hidden beliefs in place. The mind does not want us to separate from it so that we can view it from an observer’s perspective.

Additionally, we might process through many different conflict situations in our lives and drill down deep into our unconscious to come up with the same source of pain and suffering over and over again within us which is:

The hidden belief that in order to survive, to be alive, to be valid, to exist, we (our mind) must, absolutely must be right about our positions.

If our mind was suddenly jolted by a completely new reality and way of looking at things, what would that mean? It would mean that everything our mind depended on and defended against in the past was false.

That means that which our mind thought was real and told us was real, was never real.

That would be like waking up today and suddenly there was no gravity and everything around us was floating in space, including us.

This hidden belief of our mind, that it must be right, is what has kept most of us blind throughout history and at the same time, perhaps to some extent, has kept us grounded.

But if this grounded-ness was enough, if it was all we were meant to know, then we would never have had the inkling inside of us about a peace and serenity somewhere, someplace or sometime in the universe. This “idea” would never have, through all of time, crossed the consciousness of one person on this planet.

Have you ever had that inkling?

Every day, every moment that we feel exhausted mentally, physically and spiritually, it is because the mind is using every ounce of energy we have to justify our positions as “right”, to alter our view of reality so it “fits” the positions we consciously and unconsciously believe that define us….to keep us from drifting towards that inkling. An inkling that our mind is deathly afraid of and wants us to be afraid of also.

No wonder by the time we are at mid-life (or even earlier), many of us are tired and worn out. We are angry as we suspect that somehow we have been living a lie about whom or what we are. We are realizing that somehow we have allowed ourselves to be the slaves of our minds rather than being the master over it.

There is no shame or blame in this. For now, let us instead keep an open attitude about this hidden belief that has dominated our mind and life, for it may have a silver lining or benefit for us down the road.

As we move into the experience of our Divinity, the only potential obstacle will be this hidden belief that we must be RIGHT about our past; the ideas, beliefs and memories of what occurred and we must be RIGHT about using our past to project what our future could possibly be.

To experience our Divinity means our willingness to surrender, release and let go of all this “RIGHTNESS” and allow an empty space, for at least just a moment, to see what arises.

Until next time and with much patience and care,