This Is Enough…

Accepting the present as it is; regardless of how good, bad or boring it may appear….This is enough.

Our gentle acceptance of (not necessarily our approval of) the current situation, helps relax the desire to return to our past personal history to find justification for the present.

This pattern of looking back to what has always been, keeps the past true and alive in our minds.

A habit many of us have without realizing.

And then we wonder why our lives don’t move forward in the new way we want them to.

It is enough to reverse our way of looking and allow ourselves to question the past ideas, concepts and rules as potentially not relevant to this NEW moment, if we choose them not to be.

And then we make the future free.

And a free future is a limitless one.

Happy Easter!

Life Could Be Simple

Life would be much easier if we could let go of the past.

That is in fact, our main task. To release our basic ideas about life based on past experiences and perceptions. This allows us to see ourselves and the world in a whole new way, at this moment.

Life would have more possibility if we could release our grip on a fixed future. Certainty about future doom and even future glory rob us of accepting, learning and choosing of what we can right now.

Life could be very simple.

If we reversed the way we think, pulling our lives back from the past and the future to live Here and Now.



Pain is a wrong perspective.

When you experience pain, it is proof of self-deception and lies because pain disappears the moment it is seen in the correct perspective.

Pain is the false belief that God is cruel, hates you and sees you as a sinful being that deserves the ultimate revenge, death. Pain is the mistake of believing that you are abandoned by God. Pain is the fear of being alone because God is mad at you and wants to punish you.

If pain is real, then it means there is no God because vengeance, punishment and retaliation are not part of the LOVE that is God.

It is time to stop such insane beliefs.

Only your thoughts about yourself, other people, situations or the world cause you pain. Nothing external can cause you pain, only your interpretation, your way of seeing the external world causes you to suffer.

So it is you that has the power to interpret everything either as pain or joy.

What is joy? Joy is the recognition of this one truth, that everything is innocent love at its core. Everything else that appears to be painful is a false idea you have created in your head. Therefore you have ultimate power to dissolve the idea and once again see the innocent love all around you.

Think about this for a while. The world around you does nothing except represent the thoughts and ideas in your head. How you see the world around you will immediately change as you change your thoughts and choose the joy of God, the innocent love of everyone and everything as what you really want.

Choosing the joy of God means you stop condemning and judging everything including yourself and allow things to be still for a moment with no resistance to the pain that appears to be.  Soon everything including yourself will show you its truth, that all is joyful, innocent love.

And you will smile at your silly notions of pain that you believed just moments before.

Lay down your arms and come without defense to God, to the joy that waits for you behind every illusion of pain. This is forgiveness. Forgiving yourself for believing pain was the truth.

Drop all thoughts of danger and fear. Drop all judgment. Drop all blame and attack. Drop all these things that keep you from joy. This is forgiveness. Giving up what is false.

Then you will understand there is no pain and the joy of God will belong to you.

Pain is an illusion. Joy is reality.

Pain is sleeping. Joy is awakening.

Pain is lies. Joy is truth.

There is only one choice we ever have to make in life.

Between illusion or reality, pain or joy, fear or love, peace or conflict, hell or heaven.

You have already chosen one side many times over and what has it offered you?

Why not choose differently today and experience a new way of living?

with love,


Happy Easter

Today is the day to remember that we are more than bodies. We are God’s energy emanating through physical form. Today is the day to remember there is no need for struggle in this world because the source of all we need is already within and flowing through us.

God is not outside of us but is the very light we are created with. We were never separate from God nor did we ever have to earn his favor.

It is hard to accept that we secretly enjoy the struggles of life as it gives us a purpose when we don’t understand why we are here. We can choose to surrender the struggle and face the fear of a life without mental hardship that we unknowingly created. It will take faith and trust to believe that a new purpose will arise for us. A purpose that is joyful. peaceful and complete.

The purpose is to be fully present to all of life. Fully present means without any resistance in the form of judgement; good or bad, right or wrong.

Be fully present with what is at this moment and allow the mysterious beauty of that to unfold before your very eyes.

Happy Easter.


Ashamed of Shame

Shame suffocates me. I can’t breathe or I won’t breathe because I am too ashamed to even suck up the air I need. I’m not sure when the shame birthed itself but I can remember hiding because of it very early in my life. The kind of hiding when you pretend you don’t notice someone you know because you don’t have anything to say that will match their perfectly wonderful life.

I am 51, reasonably attractive and reasonably successful. Yet today as I shopped in Marshall’s looking for the latest cheap deal on a dress, wearing my sloppy Sunday shorts, I caught a glance of an old boyfriend from high school with his wife. I hadn’t seen him in years but we connected on facebook last year and exchanged a few pleasantries but then I backed off. From his posts I gathered he made oodles of money, is a committed husband and loving father, all the things I failed having with a man. I couldn’t face him without looking my best. I slinked away between the shirt racks.

There is another way I hide. I withdraw from the moment. My body is there but my heart disappears.

Yesterday started out as a beautiful day with a long drive planned to a quiet beach to spend time with my daughter and her much loved dogs. From the moment she slammed the transmission into drive she was seething with anger, a fight the night before with her father lingered in every movement. Then the hate poured out of her mouth like vomit. “I hate him! I hate grandma and Sal! I hate them all!”

Pictures of long gone battles with my ex-husband and his family popped up like a continuous row of jack-in-a-boxes exploding in my skull. The buried frustration, the disgust, the disappointment rocked back and forth like clown heads on a spring. Then the shame of bringing her into those circumstances stifled any expression of love like a nylon stocking pulled down tight over my face. I couldn’t smile. I couldn’t communicate. I couldn’t be.

I lost 6 hours of my life yesterday in a time warp of shame.

I lied. I think I know when the shame started. It was somewhere between wondering where my father was and trying to not be a problem for my irritable mother. They divorced when I was less than 3 years old and I have no memories of him. Only a few pictures I found in a closet shoebox that substitute for memories that should have been. My mother was always angry, even for silly things it seemed when I was young. Not sure if she was always that way or if it was because of him leaving.  Either way, I had to keep my guard up. Less than perfect would not do. If she left too, who would take care of me? If I made her angry, who would protect me?

Still stuck in this little girl place where it’s not safe, I am ashamed for even being here after all these years.

And yet, I perpetuate the shame by judging myself for even having it. It is not the shame that causes me disharmony. It is my judgment for having it.

I am allowed and encouraged to experience all parts of humanity without judgment. This allowing is forgiveness. It is surrender to what is rather than fighting and judging the temporary experience of this moment. And through the allowing, forgiving and surrendering, the shame is finally free to move on and out of my physical body and mind. Thus restoring balance and center to once again feel what I truly am, a magnificent being that is part of the Whole, yet expressing itself uniquely in this human body.

With compassion,


God is What We Come From, What We Are and What We Return To

“He’s gone” is what my son said about Mikey, our family cat. He didn’t  say he was dead when he called me at the office. In a trembling voice he said only, “he’s gone”. I grilled him on the phone. How? What happened? But he kept repeating “he’s gone”.

I rushed home. When I saw his lifeless little body wrapped in a towel, I knew why my son had said he’s gone. His body had been vacated. Standing there looking at him, the word dead didn’t fit. He just seemed gone.

Perhaps we instinctively know what animates our skin and bones is far beyond the body itself. Maybe we recognize there is a Presence in living things that’s not made up of matter. When the body stops functioning, it becomes obvious the body wasn’t the Presence but merely the holder of it.

Why don’t we see this when someone is alive? We relate to the body so much. Its gestures and its speech are what we interact with, what we think we love or hate. We never really get to know the Presence beneath all this, the silent energy that flows through them.  If we sit still long enough, we can recognize the same silent energy flows through us. This same Presence is in us and has nothing to do with our constantly changing body and mind.

Some people believe it’s too hard to comprehend the finality of death. They believe we create concepts about a Presence that lives on to rationalize the pain. I understand this. But I have a hard time believing the Presence that animated our cat and even my mother when she was alive, was nothing more than a perfect combustion of chemicals. Something started that fire that was their lives.

I believe that was God.

Many spiritual writings talk about the breath of God as the force that gives us life. It could be that God is more than the giver of life but is the very Presence of life within us. Silently, God is living within all of us beneath our personalities, beliefs, memories and longings. God is with us all the time because God is this silent Presence.

We spend so much time looking for God, asking for his forgiveness, his charity, his praise. We look up to the sky or towards some symbol of God but we never think to look within ourselves. To sit quietly and let all the distractions of the outside world and the inner world of our mind settle down, to come back into contact with the Presence of God within.

If the Presence within is God, then we are never separate from God. Maybe we are asleep to God, blind or deaf to God but never apart. God is right here, right now within as the silent but powerful engine that moves us along.

Perhaps there are many levels to God and our world is just one level with people, animals, plants, the Earth, the Sun and all the universe having their current of God running through. God may not be that separate entity we were taught to believe in. Rather God is the very Presence we and everything else are made of. Only the costumes we wear are different but the Presence within is the same.

This would change our view of everything wouldn’t it? We might disagree with the outer shell but we could never really hate it because it was our same Presence at its core. It is this same silent Presence that lives and breathes each day regardless of the events we worry and argue so much about.

Then for some seemingly random and unknown reason, which may or may not be, the Presence decides to move on. Perhaps to join other parts of the Presence temporarily housed somewhere else. Or to move back to the original, pure and highest form of Presence for a rest before journeying out again.

If God is many levels and perhaps omnipresent, existing everywhere at once, then it becomes clear why what we call “life” seems to come and go. It could be that God is what we come from, what we are and what we return to. It’s all God coming and going, moving and reshaping, ever creating itself in new forms.

It’s kind of playful isn’t it? Like our cat Mikey was.


Why Connecticut?

What happened in Connecticut could only happen because the young man who did this mistakenly thought there was no other way to relieve his pain other than ending the lives of others as well as himself.

The real tragedy is that he didn’t realize the real source of his pain was that he didn’t know he was connected to something more powerful and more loving than himself or what he could ever connect with in this world.

If he KNEW the source of love that his spirit came from, he would never have resorted to this. I believe even with mental illness, if that was his case, his spirit could have been reached and acknowledged.

Today, I will look at each person and acknowledge the spirit that is behind the name they call themselves and see their powerful source of love from which they come from.

With that acknowledgement, perhaps they will look inward and see the spirit that I see, alleviating some of their pain and possibly averting a potential tragedy.


Post Election Wisdom

The secret to success and happiness over the next four years and beyond is:
Depend on yourself, not the government. Define your own rights, don’t wait for the government. Help yourself, don’t ask the government. Contribute to others, don’t expect the government.
In the end, our success and happiness is always about us, what we believe, what we think and what we take action on. The outside world is just a fantasy or nightmare that we either idolize or blame. Either way, it is a distraction from our true internal power.
World conditions always change and if we depend on it for our stability and strength, we will eventually be disappointed.
Instead, today is great day to wake up and become responsible for the life we want to live regardless if the outside world matches our expectations or not.
Yes, today is a great, great day for stepping up to what may seem like a challenge and instead seeing it as an opportunity to be a leader. The leader of ourselves.

We Experience The Life We Choose

You define your Life by your choices.

Every choice shapes the experience of every moment.

It is a choice for how you see the world.

It is a choice for how you operate in the world.

It is a choice for the intention behind your words and actions.

The choice is always the same; between two different perspectives, expressed many ways.

The choice for attack or peace.

The choice for fear or love.

The choice for sadness or celebration.

The choice for grievance or appreciation.

The choice for victimhood or responsibility.

The choice for despair or hope.

The choice for resistance or acceptance.

The choice for hate or understanding.

The choice for guilt or forgiveness.

The choice for doom or opportunity.

The choice for separation or joining.

The choice for competition or sharing.

The choice for Ego or God.

The choice to believe in a God of judgment or a God of Love.

The choice to believe you have “no other choice” or that you “always have another choice”.

What choices have you made that shape your world view?

Right now, you can choose again.

You can make another choice and change your whole experience.

Please choose wisely.


Want True Power?

All power comes from God. Anything not of God, has no power at all.

The ego believes the opposite and tries to constantly convince us that it has all the power.

Quite frankly, the ego is an imposter, an emperor without clothes, trying to pass itself off as The Real Thing or a well suited king.

The ego’s highest priority is to preserve its control and power by persuading us to believe we are separate beings with separate needs and wants. Further, it nags us to be constantly vigilant against others who may prevent us from satisfying these very same needs and wants. Separation from each other and God (which represents Love and Oneness) is a key objective for the ego.

There can be NO oneness where the ego is concerned because oneness means the end of separation, the end of its existence or its “death”; a complete dissolve into nothingness as the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy doused her with water.

To the ego, there is nothing that lies beyond.

In order to build a case for separateness to keep its image of itself alive, the ego analyzes everything to attack it and break it down into meaningless parts. Then it chooses bits and pieces from the deconstructed whole, puts it back together the way it wants to, forming its own version of the truth to fit its view of separation and outside threat…and we unknowingly believe our resulting perception is the “Truth” that we base our power or lack of power on.

A radically different view of where true power lies is this: God is the Truth and Truth is the sum of all parts with no bits or pieces left out. Another way we can look at the Truth is acceptance, meaning we accept everything is as it is (perhaps not condone everything) with no denial. We open our eyes to see the wholeness or the sum of all the parts with nothing excluded.

Acceptance, the view of wholeness as the whole Truth is the first step towards waking up to the presence of God within us. Nothing is denied. Nothing is hidden. What emerges then from total acceptance of everything, is the presence of God within us as our true identity, our higher self. This experience of our higher self within, which may have been overshadowed by the ego for so long, hardly feels comfortable to acknowledge at first.

However, soon our higher self is easy to follow with no strain at all for it is our natural state of awareness. It is only the distortions of the ego which make following our higher self seem like a fearful path.  Here is where a little bit of faith, trust and willingness to believe in our higher self works wonders. Initially, this is all it takes to loosen the ego’s power hungry grip upon our minds with its familiar fear based thinking.

The true God does not demand anything of us other than to acknowledge that our higher self exists and is our true identity. Once we become acquainted with our higher self, our path will feel safer and become more clear as God’s Will for us, the only true will there is in the universe. At this point, the ego has been revealed to be our impostor identity with absolutely no power at all. We might actually laugh at how fiercely we once believed in its “power” to guide and protect us.

This is the direction all of humanity is headed. Whether the realization happens now or in a million years depends on our effort. Any delay on our part is asking for more frustration in our lives today, with endless worldly pursuits that never lead to any lasting satisfaction, true joy or inner peace.

When we choose to embrace our higher self as our only true self, the person we really are ans we intended to be; we will know ourselves as manifestations of God in the here and now.

Finally we will understand and begin to experience:

All power comes from God. Anything not of God, has no power at all.