Liars, Thieves, Cheats

As humans we have all lied, stolen, cheated, hurt others, been selfish, turned away when we could have helped another, blamed and shamed ourselves and others.

We did this because we were afraid to face the truth that we are fearful and that we do not feel 100 % secure in a larger plan for our lives. We do not believe that we matter or that our actions matter. We believe that we are alone fending for ourselves in a threatening world of survival.

Welcome to the club. Every other person on this planet has felt the same way at times and as a result has committed the same negative actions out of this same fear.

Compassion is looking at ourselves and the world and understanding this. Compassion understands that we are all doing the best we can in this moment. If we could do better, if we could see through the eyes of love and safety right now, we would.

Compassion removes our judgment and condemnation of ourselves and of others. Compassion gives us breathing room with a moment to pause and reflect on how our thoughts are creating the images we see as the world in this moment.

Compassion is the key to becoming a better and higher version of what we are right now.

Through compassion, we can be honest with ourselves about our fear of loss, survival, abandonment, and failure that is driving our negative actions, thoughts and attitudes.

Once we are honest about what we have been running from, we can forgive ourselves. We can admit that we cannot change the past and we can stop fooling ourselves with the false belief that we can pull off one more grand scheme to try to change or avoid facing our past. We can finally admit that we are helpless to change it.

Today, let us be honest with ourselves. Let us stop the denial of the fear that runs our lives and instead have compassion and understanding for the fear that is within us, programmed for generations.

Compassion lets us see our fear like waves on the ocean.

At our deepest depth, which is our core identity and the truth of what we are, we are like the depths of the ocean; still, unmoving and magnificent, the same as divers have discovered at the deepest parts of the sea. This core is where our safety is. It is the source from which we came, which is God, the evolutionary pulse of the Universe.

The crashing, erratic waves at the top is the fear in our conscious and unconscious mind that is pulling us in circles and keeping us locked in a box so that we cannot reach a higher level of thought and action. When we refuse to see that we are identifying ourselves and limiting our potential with these chaotic waves, we are blocking ourselves from the very truth and self honesty that can set us free to see our bigger picture, to see that we are the the power of the ocean and not the chaos of the waves.

Today let us be honest with ourselves so we can be compassionate with ourselves and others. We can forgive and release our hold on trying to change the past. We can admit and surrender to our fear and then we can see it is a wave, one of thousands upon the ocean that we are, and that it has no real meaning or power, except the one we give it.

With this surrender, we can live in this moment free of fear, with all the safety that comes with being and knowing we are the deep, still and powerful ocean.

With compassion,