Sin Is A False Idea

Sin is the false reality that the mind perceives.

This false reality programmed into society says that fear is the natural state of humanity and that we must do something to redeem or save ourselves. Fear in all its forms; shame, guilt, apathy, anger, sadness and even pride can only be real to us and felt deeply by us when we believe it to be true.

We do need to do something simple but perhaps not easy. We need to drop this false programming about sin. Then the joy of our natural state which is lovingness rushes forward to fill the void where the false belief of fear once lived.

Think about a day when we were joyful for whatever reason. The sky was brighter, the air more crisp, people more friendly and we moved through time and space with more ease. Were all these things in the world really true or were we just “seeing it that way” as a result of what we believed and felt at that time?

Now think about a day when we were in one of the fearful, anxiety filled states. How was the sky, the air, the people and your ease of movement? Did everything seem less pleasant? Did the surroundings really change or were we just “seeing it that way” according to what we believed and the emotion it elicited in us?

The only “sin” of humanity is our programming that falsely believes and therefore feels and acts from the fearful state of being.

Fear in any form has the root belief that we are unworthy. To be worthy means to be protected or connected to something larger than us. Unworthiness is to be alone, abandoned on this planet fighting for survival, at the mercy of chance or being lucky enough to garner strategic alliances that will save us.

However, when we realize that we are here, not by accident but by purpose, we can never buy into the false fear programming again because just to exist is a miracle in itself. Think of the trillions of sperm and eggs in all human beings throughout history that never even make it to the fertilization stage to even begin the potential creation of a new life; but our particular sperm and egg did.

Just that understanding alone can change our self-belief from unworthy to valuable. From fear to love.

Love and all its forms, joy, enthusiasm, willingness, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness; is the belief that we are worthy and that we have purpose. With this realization we can deal with the challenges of life from a position of courage. We can even deal with not knowing our purpose for the moment because the realization of the miracle of our existence is enough to sustain us as we wait to uncover why we are here.

Sin is a misguided fantasy created to keep us blind to our true nature which is lovingness.

The only sin is the belief in sin itself. There is no doubt that buying into this false idea of sin can lead to terrible acts of destruction and violence as the belief of unworthiness that defines fear is frightening and would lead anyone to desperate, irrational acts.

To be responsible for our existence, the first thing we must do is deprogram ourselves of this falseness and forgive others who are still stuck in the false sin program. Perhaps we can show them an alternate way one day, but we must first be free ourselves from the fear that sin produces. The fear that is not real but has become lifelike through generations of repetition in our society.

Let us take the first step today to drop the fear by honestly looking at something that irritates us and breaking it down through the Know-Connect-Choose process.

Please email me if you need help working through it.

With faith,

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