Real Choice with Surrender and Forgiveness

Is it clear to us now that our minds have not been our own? Can we see the automatic programming we are locked in to because of innocence?

The last step in Question-Connect-Choose is to choose what you believe from a clearer space of non programming, of hidden beliefs brought to light and of letting go all resistance to how things are at this moment. From this space, choice is real; choice is deep; choice takes place within the unconscious where it has actual effect.

Because we are innocent and do not know that our mind is merely a replicator of what it witnesses in the world around it, we have no way of knowing that the beliefs we are holding result in the thoughts we are thinking which create the emotions we are feeling. We are innocent to this whole process and innocent to the fact that it has all happened without our conscious consent.

All the blame on others, all the shame on ourselves, all the moral standards and lines in the sand we have drawn to have some kind of control about this experience we call life, is the automatic programming.

It has rendered us all unintelligent to the truth.

The truth is we have no control over the world but only over ourselves. Ironically that control over our self comes through surrender of our mind to something higher. What ever name we call this higher nature does not matter. All that matters is that we are referring to the omnipotence that creates everything, that is everything and is everywhere all at once; if we can imagine such a level of consciousness and being.

In this state of surrender, which humbles us and at the same time makes us grateful to understand what greatness we are created from, we can ask for what we choose to believe. This state of surrender has no resistance and believes the personal mind/ego is irrelevant compared to the greatness to which we are surrendering.

This surrender unlocks the unconscious mind which is kept locked by resistance to what is and desire for things to be different. What we choose to believe at this unconscious level will manifest in our lives. It must. We prove it to ourselves by looking at our lives right now and then digging deep to see that the root of that manifestation comes from a deeply held belief (which may be hard to confront or admit if it is negative).

There is a direct way to this state of surrender and that is to forgive ourselves and everyone else. The forgiveness is simple when we see that we are all innocent because of the automatic programming. We are all stuck to some degree or another with hidden beliefs that we never consented to that determine everything we do.

We can forgive because we see how blind we really all are.

How can we condemn or judge anyone or ourselves when we realize that almost all actions we take are because of the automatic programming we are not even aware of?

Forgiveness is easy when you look at it this way. We are all in a slumber. We are all sleep walking through this life to some extent. How can we blame or shame each other when we have no experience of a higher way of being that is peaceful, powerful and without internal conflict or pain?

Our pain or conflict experiences are relative to what we believe. If we believe that what is occurring in this moment is not what we want, we have pain. Pain costs a lot of emotional and mental energy as we try to resist it or cure it or get rid of it. If we decide to allow or accept everything to be just as it is right now, then we have no pain. In addition, we have all our emotional and mental energy available to us at our fingertips. It is that simple.

If we do not like war but war is occurring now, then we have pain. In addition, we are using up much of our energy trying to resist or get rid of war. If we decide to accept war as it is in this moment, we have no pain. Then guess what? We are free and have the energy to use our free, unfettered and unresisting minds to receive solutions.

In this state of openness through surrender and forgiveness, we are making our minds available to that higher power sending us solutions as ideas and thoughts. When we empty our minds of all the personal wants, hopes, imaginings and judgments about how things should be right now, instead of how they are, we can experience higher wisdom firsthand, without anyone or anything in the way to filter it for us with their own personal bias.

In this last step, all we need to do is acknowledge the emotion from the unconscious beliefs that have created the conflict within us and consciously choose what we want instead with this simple statement:

I cancel__________and choose to believe_________.

We fill in the blanks with what seems appropriate for us in regards to the specific situation and then repeat a few times aloud. We can write it down several times to create a new pattern of thought. As much repetition as we can practice equals the better result for us.

This is different from positive thinking which gets stopped at the unconscious level when it conflicts with deeply held negative beliefs. It is important to go through the deconstruction, surrender and forgiveness process to open the door to the powerful unconscious where real change can occur.

Here is a powerful statement I heard from one of the lectures of Dr. David Hawkins, an enlightened man and teacher that sums up what seems to be the core truth about that which ails us and that which we truly are:

I cancel all limiting beliefs and choose to believe I am an infinite being.

With love,