Reality vs. Actuality

Imagine a large mountain.

Circling around at the base are people positioned the same distance away from each other with eyes focused upwards towards the summit. Although they believe they are looking at the same thing, each will have a different and incomplete description of the summit based on the limited view from their unique positions.

Now imagine you are hovering over the top of the mountain. Your description of the summit would be more complete compared to others since you could see all sides at once.

Actuality is the true view of the summit from the summit. Reality is the view of the summit from the base. Reality is a slice of actuality; your slice, my slice and every other person’s slice.

If we are responsible for the outcome of our lives by the choices we make but are limited in our ability to see (reality) all of the choices available (actuality)…what are we to do?

How do we open ourselves to see more than what initially meets our eye?

To use the analogy above, we could walk around the base of the mountain and visit each person, see what their view looks like, write it down and at the end of our journey make a note of the sum total of every view for a complete picture of the world.

However, that might take a whole lifetime and for many people, that is how life proceeds. Knowledge and experience gained through years of living life slowly opens their minds from reality to actuality…which leads to the lament, “If I only knew then what I know now.”

Is it possible to have a more accurate picture of actuality or the truth now, so we can get busy making choices that help direct the destiny of our lives?


However, the more accurate “view from the summit” where you can see the bigger picture of actuality may not be where you think. To broaden our vision, there is nowhere we need to go and no knowledge or information we need to accumulate.

To broaden our vision to see all the choices available to us, we need only remove what is blocking our sight. The choices are already there, we just have to be able to see them.

Just knowing that Actuality exists and that Reality is merely Life With Blinders On is a huge step towards broadening our vision.

But there is more.

Stay tuned for the next blog.

With hope,